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PC DoctR is an authorised reseller of LiveDrive Internet. Users are therefore bound by their Terms of Use.

Also note:

The following is not included in the subscription:

  • Initial installation, or any further configuration, of the required backup software. 
  • Subsequent monitoring of your service to confirm that the software is functioning correctly.
  • Assistance in restoring your data. 
  • Diagnostics of any problems on your PC that either stop the software functioning correctly or are aggravated by the installation of the software.

A licence can be transferred to another computer at any time if required.

By default, the software will be configured to back up the main document folders for any user accounts already set up on the PC. If you add a new user to your PC or save your files in different locations then the backup software may require additional configuration to backup the new data.

The service backs up your own personal files. This does not include any personal settings within your PC nor the software contained within it. In the case of loss/failure of your PC you will at least need to reinstall all your software from its original source.

Users who share a single account are able to see each others backed up data.

You are responsible for routinely checking that the backup software is functioning correctly.

Annual charge is on a calendar year basis. The first year will be charged pro rata.