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Firstly, why should you back up…

One of the main components of your PC is its hard drive. It stores all your software, personal files and emails, but unfortunately it is also the most vulnerable part of your PC!  It contains a set of magnetic discs, spinning at up to 10,000 RPM, and due to the speed and tolerances involved, the slightest imperfection, power failure, sudden movement of the PC or even a bit of dust can cause data errors or even a hard drive ‘crash’. A crash is invariably “fatal” i.e. you will lose EVERYTHING stored on it, including ALL your files, documents, photos and emails, and is not as uncommon as we would like to think. Even if you already backup your data to an external hard drive or memory stick then what about if you we’re unfortunate enough to be burgled, or worse still, a fire? Chances are you would lose these too!

   There is nothing you can do to stop a hard drive crash however there is something you can do to protect your important data. An increasingly popular solution is simply to keep a backup of your data at another location by transferring it through the internet i.e. ‘cloud’ backup. Whatever then happens, even if you have to go and buy yourself a new PC, you will still be able to recover all your valuable data.

You can buy a subscription to a service that will continuously back up any changes to your documents, photos etc. to a secure data storage centre via your internet connection. Your data is both sent and stored securely so that no one else is able to read your data, including the service provider. The last 30 versions of each of your files will be stored and you can retrieve just a few files, which perhaps you may have modified or deleted by mistake, or download the whole lot in the case of loss or a catastrophic failure.

Personal Option £45 per year
3 licences included * Back up 3 PCs / users **. Additional licences can be added at any time for just £10 each per year
500gb of backup space That’s much more than the average user will ever need. Add another 500gb of storage at any time for a further £20 per year
Access files from any web browser Log in online to view all of your files from any web browser. Browse them just like you would on your PC
Access up to 30 previous versions of any file Need to revert a change you made? File overwritten? No problem. Up to 30 versions of any file are kept
Restore deleted files Your deleted files are stored for 30 days. Restore files or entire folders at any time with one click
Stream your music/movies straight from your web browser Watch your movies and listen to your music from your web browser or mobile device
Super fast transfers Transfer speeds or bandwidth are not limited, and the data centres have super fast connectivity around the world
100% safe and secure Your files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep them safe

* Users sharing an account will be able to view and download each others data.
   If you would prefer to keep your users’ data separate then you will need seperate accounts.
** 1 licence required per user per PC.

Business Option also available£200 per year for 10 single licence accounts
One off admin charge of £50.

Click here for full terms and conditions