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All your software, personal files & emails etc in your PC are stored on a hard drive but unfortunately it is the most vulnerable part of your PC! A hard drive is a moving mechanical device with tiny tolerances for failure and, given time, a hard drive WILL fail. As a rough guide, most hard drives last less than 10 years, many last less than 5 and some fail within a year. There is nothing you can feasibly do to stop a hard drive failing (or ‘crashing’) but there are things that can be done to protect your data, namely BACK IT UP!

There are essentially 2 ways to back up a PC’s valuable data…

Back up to an external device such as a memory stick or external hard drive. However, these both suffer from the same failure issues albeit the chance of your backup device failing at the same time as your main hard drive is less likely. 

Back up to a remote data storage centre via the internet i.e. ‘cloud’ backup. It is fully automated and your data is both sent and stored securely so that no one else can read it, including the service provider. Whatever then happens, even if you have to buy yourself a new PC, you will still be able to recover all your valuable data.

The best solution is both of the above. Personally, I use 2 cloud systems as well as 2 external devices.

If you are already using an external device then great, but don’t forget to consider the other eventualities though, such as fire, loss/theft and ransomware attacks. So, as a minimum, only plug the device in when taking a backup then remove it afterwards. If you are hit by a ransomware virus then your backup would be destroyed too if it were to be left plugged in. Better still, remove it and take it to a secure location to also protect yourself against fire & theft (wait 30 seconds after turning it off before moving it else this can also cause damage).

     Below are details of a cloud backup system I can provide.

The last 30 versions of each of your files are stored, allowing you to revert to an earlier version of a document and also helping to protect against ransomware attacks. Files you have deleted are stored for 30 days so you can recover files you may have deleted by mistake. Or of course, in the case of a catastrophic failure, you can restore everything.

Personal Option£45 per year
3 licences included *Back up 3 PCs / users **. Additional licences can be added at any time for just £10 each per year
500gb of backup spaceThat’s much more than the average user will ever need. Add another 500gb of storage at any time for a further £30 per year
Access up to 30 previous versions of any fileNeed to revert a change you made? File overwritten? Ransomware attack? Up to 30 versions of any file are kept
Restore deleted filesYour deleted files are stored for 30 days. Restore files or entire folders at any time with one click
100% safe and secureYour files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep them safe

* Users sharing an account will be able to view and download each others data.
   If you would prefer to keep your users’ data separate then you will need separate accounts.
** 1 licence required per user per PC.

Business Option also available£200 per year for 10 single licence accounts
One off admin charge of £50.

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