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Got a problem with your PC, need a simple website designed or just need some help setting up some new hardware or software?
Examples of my Support Services include:
  • Windows / Software problems & installation
    • Slow computer
    • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
    • Internet not working
    • Can’t get emails
    • Need more disk space/memory
    • PC rebuild
  • PC hardware problems and setup – printers, scanners, cameras etc
    • Printer doesn’t print
    • Unable to scan
  • Broadband / Internet Connection setup
    • Email setup
    • Temporary Internet loan & setup
  • On-line Backup setup
  • Security / Antivirus installation
  • Home / Small Office networking installation & configuration
    • Router setup
    • Server installation
  • Domain Name registration & configuration
    • DNS management
    • Website setup

If you either have a software problem, need some help setting up/installing some software or simply want to be shown how to do something on your PC then the easiest solution may be to use the Remote Support system. I can connect to your PC via the internet to diagnose your problem and, subject to availability, it may be possible to help you right now! If you think this may be an option please visit the Remote Support page.

Otherwise, I offer both On & Off Site support services.

Off Site support (you bring your PC to me) can quite often be the more cost effective solution – if a PC has an unknown software problem then initially I may (if applicable) back-up your hard drive. The diagnosis will then be done on the copy leaving your original untouched until the fault has been diagnosed and fixed. This protects your installation and also allows ‘destructive’ testing to be employed on the copy which may also reduce the time required to diagnose and fix a fault.

I supply new PCs / laptops and other hardware. I can also offer a loan laptop if you have a problem with your PC and can’t do without one or even if you just need to use an extra PC for a short period. Click here for more details.

Support, especially Remote Support, is not confined to ‘working’ hours, but just dependent upon my availability at the time.